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The “B-A-C” in BAC Office stands for

  • Billing
  • Administration
  • Credentialing

These are the three elements of the office that most physicians struggle to manage because it tends to be a very different set of skills than practicing medicine. With the help of BAC Office, these elements can be hired out so that doctors can get back to patient care instead of trying to hire and oversee the staff needed to run the BAC office.


As Owner/Founder of BAC Office, Tomeka oversees every aspect of the business. With her BA degree in Business Finance and several years of experience working in the hospital as a medical biller and then as Practice Manager for a rapidly-growing 4-clinic practice, she has built teams of caring staff that can manage and track every detail of the billing process. She has the focus, versatility, and attention to detail that is required to keep everything running smoothly.


As a clinic owner, Dr. Roberts adds valuable insight. He advises and assists with BAC Office, helping to bring a doctor’s point of view into BAC Office. He knows what it is to build a practice from humble beginnings into a multi-clinic setting. It is common for doctors to desire their own clinic but to feel uncomfortable managing their own full time billing and office staff. Running the business aspect of the office is an entirely separate skill set that usually is not taught thoroughly in medical school. He wants to assist in bridging this gap for the doctors who want freedom and flexibility to practice in a private setting, but would prefer to have the “back office” elements managed by a company that will treat them honestly and fairly.

Together, Tomeka and Dr. Roberts have created a robust billing and communications company that brings the business elements of a clinic to their clients at reasonable rates with clear pricing to allow for less hassle with staff and billing and more patient care.